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Spinning vs. Baitcaster Reels

baitcast vs spinning

Being a fisherman, it is very important to know the different types of reels there are so that you can choose the one based on which fish you want to capture. The main types of reels include spinning reels and baitcaster reels. How these two reels function has been explained below.

Spinning reels

It is an excellent idea to use a spinning reel if the line is quite long with a small lure bait. The first step is to check the reel’s pound limits. Some examples of this include 140 yards of 4 pounds, 100 yards of 8 pounds and so on. The line must be put through the rod’s guides to the reel with an open bail and tied tightly with the spool. The line should be then held in front of the reel while the handle is wound up for the line to be put on the reel. After a while, lower the rod towards the spool. If the line bends, repeat the process. The line must be pressed while turning the reel handle. The line must also be kept stiff. After a cast has been made with the reel, fingers must be kept in front of the reel to put pressure on the line so that the lure can apply some pressure in the water. Once the line is stiff, reeling can be done automatically. At times, the line gets tangled and while reeling it in, it can cause problems with the spool and in casting.


  • Easy to cast
  • Easy to reel
  • Can be spread at a long distance


  • Breaks line
  • Attracts smaller fish
  • Heavy line cannot be used

Baitcaster reels

These reels have been used since the 17th century and became well known during the 1870s. The first step in casting a baitcaster reel is to check the line’s reel. The line must be reeled till the bait is around six to twelve inches away from the tip of the rod. The fisherman must have a strong grip on the fishing rod with the thumb on the spool. To have more control over the line, the thumb must be placed at a particular angle on the spool. Once the bait has been caught, the rod must be turned in a way that the handle is pointing upwards. Then the reel spool releasing button must be pressed. This allows the fisherman to disconnect the spool from the handle without turning the rod. The rod must be brought forward and pressed down when the fish has been caught to stop it.


  • High drag power
  • Reliable for long fishing periods
  • Line does not get twisted


  • Difficult to reel
  • Expensive
  • Not for beginners

It is important to know which reel is to be used in which situation. Fishermen who aim to catch smaller fish, are aware of delicate fishing techniques, and want to use a lighter line should opt for spinning reels. On the other hand, those fishermen who want to catch relatively bigger fish and can use a bigger lure bait and heavy line should opt for the baitcaster reel. Click here for more info about spinning reels.


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