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Fishing 101

1. Rig them right. There area unit 2 reasons why rigging is vital. First, a strong, well-tied fishing knot does not break after you set the hook. And second, sure knots swim your fly or lure in an exceedingly approach kind of like naturals. Use the right fishing knot for your lures. For fly fishing, a Turle Knot could be a nice mounted knot that produces your dry flies drift properly.

A loop left open sort of a Uni Knot makes streamers and nymphs look realistic in current. once the fish hits the Uni Knot seats for strength. A Texas-rigged soft plastic goes up and down within the water column whereas a geographic area rig suspends the soft plastic simply off all-time low. American state rigs stand out in significant cowl whereas other rigs are higher for looking in open water. Knowing other ways to rig your lures suggests that you will fish them properly….which results in additional catching.

2. Swim your lure properly. think about however your bait naturally moves through the water and mimic it together with your rod tip and reel speed. Pull informed your rod tip and reel right down to gather the slack whereas keeping connected together with your lure. If you just forged and reel as quick as you’ll your lure won’t seem like a natural, and you will be lucky if you get a tug. Swim your lure because the fishing spot dictates and you will have additional takes.

3. modification depths. No doubt, high water is fun. If it isn’t happening, run to search out wherever the fish area unit. Add or calculate weight once bait fishing, head to a sink tip or sinking line once fly fishing, use a jig or a spoon, or a metal-lipped jerk bait. If you do not┬áhave high water action run till you discover wherever the fish are.

4. modification locations. If you are variable lures and depths however not catching something, move around to search out the fish. cowl the water with an addict forged. build many casts within the space to your left. build some come in front. Then build additional to your right. If you’ve got coated the world, totally different depths, and used a special lure and zilch hit, move right down to new fishing spot. Fish wherever the fish area unit and you will hook additional of them up.

Fishing could be a method, and therefore the higher your technique the additional you will catch. browse fishing tips about casting techniques to become Associate in Nursing skilled in catching fish!


I love fishing. I think fishing is the best hobby in the world. It is so relaxing and is a great chance to catch up with friends!

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